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Google’s ‘X Phone’ could debut at Google I/O in May

Ever since Google took over Motorola in May 2012 rumours have circulated about the possibility of a smartphone collaboration between the now-merged companies. Better known as the ‘X Phone’, the device would be a fully in-house smartphone offering from Google.

Since 2010 Google has contacted various Android device manufacturers including HTC, Samsung, LG and ASUS to produce various Nexus devices. The X Phone would take a step away from this. Everything known about the X Phone is complete speculation and rumours and could include advanced technologies such as a bendable display, a ceramic casing and advanced gesture recognition.

The X Phone would be a large step in the direction that Apple has taken with the iPhone and iPad by developing and producing the device, along with its software, within the same company.

Such as device could be unveiled as soon as May, which would put it forward for a Google I/O entrance in the middle of the month.

KitGuru says: Could Google’s new tactic to compete directly with Apple by taking out the middleman?

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