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HSPA+ Multiflow could double 3G data speeds

Nokia Siemens Networks has recently announced it will demonstrate what is currently know as “HSPA+ Multiflow” at MWC in Barcelona next week. HSPA+ Multiflow is a technology that allows a device to connect to two HSPA+ enabled towers at the same time, or to another when signal from one tower is fading into oblivion.

For the demonstration Nokia Siemens Networks is partnering with Qualcomm who will be providing HSPA+ Multiflow enabled USB dongles.

An example of a HSPA+ tower that will be able to be upgraded to support HSPA+ Multiflow.

This next generation HSPA technology could potentially deliver speeds twice that of current HSPA+ towers and offer up to a 50% reduction in latency. All going well, they hope HSPA+ Multiflow will be standardised by 3GPP by the end of summer 2012 with commercial availability beginning towards the end of 2013.

Unfortunately HSPA+ Multiflow demands new chipsets from mobile devices but carriers will be happy that their HSPA+ towers will only need a software upgrade to be compatible.

Kitguru says: This could provide near-LTE speeds without much of the battery drain currently attributed with 4G technology.

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