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60% of UK’s office-employees to work from home within 10 years?

With continual technological advancements in the workplace, more than half of the UK's office bound employees could well be working remotely (ie. from home) within the next decade.

A study carried out by LM Research toward the end of last year points to this scenario after 5000 directors and business-owners from UK companies comprising over 100+ employees were surveyed. The report also noted that many businesses are already making plans to support the changes by setting up extremely high internet bandwidth connections that will allow for heavier loads in the future.

Some companies are already jumping all over the idea of a home-working ethos, including UK mobile network O2 which made allowances for 3,000 of its employees to start work from home during the days earlier this month.

Tony Grace, Chief Operating Officer of Virgin Media Business had the following to say :-

There’s a change coming to the way we work. Remote working isn’t anything new, but with technology providing the right tools for the job, the acceptance that it will soon be the norm is.

Businesses are already getting fit for purpose by investing in cloud-based software, virtual private networks or investing in new tools such as Unified Communications to ensure that remote teams remain connected and engaged. The growth in video and social media across corporate networks is also supporting this migration away from the traditional office confines; the importance to underlying network infrastructure once more comes under the spotlight.”

Via: TheNextWeb

KitGuru says: Providing companies can administer an effective procedure in monitoring the quality and quantity of work, this outlook is a positive one from many angles, including an alleviation of the amount of congestion with London's public transport system.

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