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EGX London is making a comeback this year

While COVID-19 halted the hosting of in-person events across the globe, the increase in vaccination rates and the opening back up of the economy has meant that gaming conventions can once again take place. Such is the case with EGX London which will come back this October after a 2 …

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Snapchat to move headquarters to London


In a surprising move for an encrypted chat service considering the UK's stance on surveillance, Snapchat has announced its intention to open a new international headquarters to London. This is also practically unheard of in the tech space, with most companies preferring tax-routing countries like Ireland to host their services in …

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Microsoft to shutter UK Skype branch, 400 jobs at risk


VOIP firm and Microsoft subsidiary, Skype, is set to close its doors in the UK. Not the service itself of course, but the British office will soon be shuttered for good. This will put some 400 jobs at the London based headquarters at risk, with most likely to be dissolved. …

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Google’s self-driving cars may be coming to London

Google has been testing its self-driving cars on public roads in California for quite some time and while the company does seem to be focussed on the US right now, things may soon spread to other countries, including the UK. According to London's deputy mayor for transport, Google is currently in …

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MCM London Comic Con Gallery

The October MCM Comic Con kicked off in London over the weekend and I was fortunate enough to attend. While I wasn't there in any sort of ‘official' capacity, I did take a few pictures of what I saw there on Saturday to share with our readers today.   As …

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Uber faces London court battle today

Uber has been facing stiff opposition to its operation almost since it began service several years ago. It's had to deal with violence in some countries, protests from entire working sectors and most recently court battles, where taxi industries attempt to shut it out of their industry. The latest battle …

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Drone footage shows Crossrail tunnels near completion

The Crossrail project, a new underground railway that will link up parts of Greater London with the surrounding city and other rail networks, is coming on apace. While the project was proposed as far back as the 1940s, approval was only given in the late '00s and construction only started in …

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Halo to take over the centre of London

Halo takes over the BFI IMAX

In preparation for the Halo Master Chief Collection going on sale tomorrow for Xbox One, the Halo team will be having a launch party tonight in London's BFI IMAX to celebrate. It's going to be big and it's going to be loud, but with a pedigree like the Halo franchise, you'd expect …

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London Underground driverless trains of the future profiled

With all the talk from the likes of Google, Baidu and their contemporaries about driverless cars, it's no wonder that the next generation of trains for London's underground tube system is also going to be driverless. Beyond that though, it's going to come fully equipped with WiFi, air conditioning and usher in …

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More cool stuff at Comic Con 2013

With a bright day over the London Excel being promised by the Met Centre,  tens of thousands of characters will begin the decent on Comic Con 2013, early Sunday morning. KitGuru plans to be in bed til noon, but here are some more shots of what you can expect if …

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So what’s on at Comic Con 2013 this weekend

With more than 80,000 comic/cosplay enthusiasts expected through the doors at London's Excel before the end of Sunday 27th October 2013, this staggering audience begs one question: What can you do at the show?  KitGuru photographs some posters and makes some lists. You know. Just in case they are helpful. …

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MCM Comic Con 2013 opens at the London Excel

Once the preserve of withdrawn kids who just wanted to escape to new horizons without leaving the comfort of their own imaginations, comics have become big business. Here in the UK, it doesn't get much bigger than MCM Comic Con 2013 at the London Excel centre. KitGuru hides in the …

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Gigabyte Tech Tour 2013 lands in London

Gigabyte is one of the oldest and most famous technology brands, with a huge fan base and reputation for challenging at the top end of the market for mainboards, graphic cards etc. With multiple new sexy product lines launching, Gigabyte HQ sent a team of presenters over to tell the …

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Bulgarian and Romanian immigration to boost UK tech economy

When January 2014 rolls around, 29 million Bulgarian and Romanian citizens will have free right to passage across the European Union – able to settle and work in any country they choose – without the need for additional documentation. Many to the right of politics are concerned, but KitGuru caught …

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Walk with dinosaurs from 26th December

Firework displays are good, but even if you spend £30 on an air-bomb battery of some kind, it's all over in a few seconds and the impression is rarely lasting. If you invest £10,000,000 on an event, you can bet your life that it will give you memories that will …

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