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Amazon’s one hour delivery service has hit the UK

Amazon Prime Now launched in the US for trial runs back last year in select cities. The new service brought one-hour delivery to Prime customers in the area and now, it is starting to work its way over to the UK, with Prime Now becoming active in London.

Given that you are getting your stuff within an hour, it is going to cost a little extra. Here in the UK Amazon Prime Now one-hour delivery will set you back £6.99 per order, which doesn't sound too bad given the convenience factor.

Amazon Prime Now

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There is also a two-hour delivery option, active between 8AM and Midnight, this one is free to Prime customers, so if you can stand to wait a little longer, you can put that Prime membership to good use. The service is limited to Prime customers and there is a minimum order amount of £20.

The service is active in central London so it is all a bit limited at the moment but assuming all goes well, it will likely expand throughout the year. On top of all of that, the Prime Now app will have proper order tracking, allowing you to follow your courier's route in real time, unlike Amazon's regular tracking which lacks plenty of detail and isn't all that good.

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KitGuru Says: This is pretty exciting news, although I hope this level of service won't result in yet another Prime membership price hike. I don't live in London myself so while I'd love to try out one-hour delivery, I'm going to have to wait until it makes its way up north. Are any of you based in London? What do you think of Amazon's new one to two hour delivery services? 

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