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Google Home to tackle Amazon Echo head on


Amazon may have made quite a splash with the launch of it Echo home speaker and voice recognition system, but it’s not the only one in the market. Google is expected to announce its Home device later today, which will offer comparable features but built on Google’s own architecture. The …

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Computex: Prime units dominate Seasonic booth

If you’re visiting Computex this year and swing by the Seasonic booth, there’s one real focus there: Prime PSUs. The new units come in a variety of flavours, with high efficiency and modular cabling rounding out a solid feature set.   The Prime range comes in three efficiency ratings: Titanium, …

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Amazon may soon have its own branded groceries

Think Amazon selling other companies’ food was weird? It’s about to get a whole lot stranger, as you could be buying Amazon own-brand food before the year is out. Already the undisputed king of online retail, it’s continuing its expansion into other fields by offering perishable and unperishable goods like …

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Google may take on Amazon with ‘buy’ button

Google is apparently looking to take on retailers with the launch of a ‘buy’ button, which will allow searchers to purchase products directly from the Google search results page. The idea is very similar in concept to Amazon’s own ‘one-click ordering’ button, which you can add as an extension to …

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Amazon shares drop after near half billion loss announcement

Amazon might have spent much of this quarter aggressively expanding and introducing new services like Prime member streaming music and same-day deliveries in the UK, suggesting growth and prosperity, but its books paint a much less successful picture of the same period. According to the latest earnings report, Amazon lost …

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Amazon begins same-day delivery services in the UK

If Amazon has something you need quite desperately, getting a hold of it on the same day you click buy could now be possible, with the launch of the retailer’s new same-day delivery service in the UK. It won’t make it all the way to do your door, but for …

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Amazon to launch 4K streaming service in October

Amazon is set to launch its own 4K streaming service in an effort to better compete with Netflix, which already offers 4K content, although it is strictly limited to supported TV’s and not available for PC users. There isn’t a lot of native content for those who own a 4K …

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Amazon losses point to tough year ahead

Amazon is just one of those web entities that you assume is big enough to support itself almost indefinitely. It has the world’s most recognisable web retail outlet and has its fingers in so many pies, something must be going well, right? Not so, as this last quarter it posted …

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