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Phy, Mattheos and Stodeh join MSI Trident X Launch Event

PC World occupies a huge block in the heart of London and, on Friday 7th December, that store was converted by MSI into a hands-on demonstration arena for the company's latest mobile and desktop gaming products. With the promise that we would also see something that no one has seen before KitGuru headed into the centre to see what all the gaming fuss was about.

While KitGuru readers take serious gaming for granted, casual gamers never normally get a chance to experience RTX2080 graphics cards and the latest in Core i9 processing power. The MSI Gaming roadshow changes all that when it rolls into town. It’s great to see the expressions on the faces of people who’ve never tried triple-screen-gaming-action before, when they finally get a chance to see what a fast, responsive, immersive environment really feels like.

Given that hundreds of pounds worth of goodies were up for grabs in a special PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds competition, serious gamers started turning up from 10am. MSI’s special guest stars Phy, Mattheos and Stodeh arrived mid-day to add some glamour to the whole affair.

Today also doubled as the official UK launch event for the Trident X gaming system that we saw being assembled in China. We were told by the PC World staff that they had taken pre-orders on these £2,700 Trident X systems – so we know there’s some demand for console sized gaming PCs with RTX2080 graphics.

However, for KitGuru, the start of the show was a particularly capacious and well-built Pelican.

Pelican are famous for creating ultra-hardcore luggage products that have been designed to protect your valuables in the harshest of environments. Seeing a bespoke model that had been kitted out for the new Trident X was pretty impressive. You’d feel confident shipping your prized PC across the continents in foam-cushioned safety with this serious piece of luggage.

KitGuru says: Our video will give you a flavour of the event – including close-ups of Phy, Mattheos and the Peli case.  This unit is a prototype, with MSI HQ considering whether to make this kind of hardened luggage available to the mass market. What do you think?

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