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4 New Apps Freelancers Are Jumping On

Freelancers are always on the lookout for new tech tools to make their lives easier. Unlike traditional employees, freelancers aren’t provided with everything they need to do their job. When a freelancer wants to improve their efficiency and organisation, they need to figure out how to make it happen. There …

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Kodak made $12 million this quarter


Considering how long it's been since most of us picked up a camera with film in it, you might be surprised to know that Kodak is still alive and kicking. In fact it's doing rather well. In its latest quarter earnings report, it made a profit of $12 million (£9.67 million). …

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Liberty Media is buying Formula 1 for £3.3 billion


U.S. media conglomerate, Liberty Media, has announced that it is purchasing the entire sport of Formula 1 for a total of $4.4 billion (£3.3 billion). It will become part of the company's expansive portfolio, which includes a controlling stake in Sirius XM satellite radio, Ticketmaster, Bodybuilding.com and a number of …

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Apple’s profits break all records for all companies ever

If you thought Apple was rich before, having the biggest, most financially settled company in the world, think again, as this year has eclipsed all others that came before it. In-fact it's eclipsed every single company's most profitable year ever, netting the fruity firm a staggering $53.4 billion (£35 billion). …

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AMD cuts headcount by 5%, reorganizes certain operations

Advanced Micro Devices late on Thursday said that it would cut-down its workforce by another five per cent in a bid to reduce its costs. The company said that it would considerably restructure its internal IT operations; consolidate real-estate facilities; re-organize its enterprise, embedded & semi-custom (EESC) business unit and appoint …

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AMD vows to keep R&D investments at appropriate levels

Despite of tough times, Advanced Micro Devices plans to sustain its research and development investments on certain levels in a bid to ensure that its products are competitive in the future. Research and development are two corner stones of high-tech companies. Without fundamental research of things that may not seem important today …

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Intel: Windows XP replacements and PC purchases are slowing

Intel Corp. on Thursday said that its revenue in the first quarter of its fiscal year will be lower than anticipated. The company reduced revenue outlook by about $1 billion. The world’s largest chipmaker blamed slower than expected replacements of Windows XP-based PCs by businesses as well as challenging macroeconomic …

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Western Digital: More and more PCs use SSDs instead of HDDs

For years manufacturers of hard disk drives have been saying that SSDs were too expensive for mainstream PCs. However, at present chief executive officer of Western Digital Corp. has to admit that more and more personal computers utilize solid-state drives instead of HDDs. Moreover, this trend will strengthen this year …

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AMD to lower R&D spending on computing and graphics products

Advanced Micro Devices said this week that in the light of changing market environment and dropping revenues it will reprioritize its research and development (R&D) investments. The company will lower spending on creation of computing and graphics (CG) products and will boost funding of enterprise, embedded and semi-custom (EESC) projects. …

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Amazon gaff sees small sellers lose thousands

A fault with Amazon listing software last week, saw many items sold through the retail giant by smaller businesses listed at just £0.01 each. While it only lasted for about an hour on Friday, bargain hunters on the site ordered tens of copies of expensive items like video games, mobile …

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AMD to cut headcount by another 7% by year end

Advanced Micro Devices late on Thursday said that it will cut its staff by 7 per cent by the end of the year. The decision was made by Lisa Su, chief executive officer of AMD, who was appointed on the position just about a week ago. The company hopes that …

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Paypal to become separate, publicly traded business

Paypal and Ebay have been joined at the hip for years now, in terms of official paperwork and in the eyes of the public, after the auction site bought out the payment provider in the early 00's. However that relationship is now set to change a little, as Paypal is …

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Apple and IBM to sell business-optimized iPad and iPhone devices

Although Apple’s iPad media tablet and iPhone smartphone are rapidly gaining popularity among business users, these mobile gadgets are still not true business-optimized solutions. On Tuesday Apple and IBM announced that they will jointly develop IBM MobileFirst platform for iOS that will bring IBM’s apps, big data and analytics capabilities …

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Europe is suspicious of Apple’s Tax deals

The European Commission has officially opened up an investigation in to Apple's tax paying habits after growing suspicious that the company has made unwarranted deals that go against EU law. However, Apple has said plenty of times that it does in fact pay its fair share of taxes. The investigation …

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Intel transforms operations in Costa Rica, set to fire 1500

Intel Corp. this week announced that it would relocate its test assembly and test operation to Asia from Costa Rica. As a result, it would fire about 1500 of its employees in the country. Still, Intel's engineering and design center and shared services operations will remain in Costa Rica. Intel …

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Why were so many Valve employees fired?


A couple of weeks ago we reported on how one and then many other Valve employees were let go. This seems to be a pretty rare thing at Valve and something that's a little hard to understand, since it operates a boss-free structure that sees people moving their desks where …

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THQ is in real financial trouble

THQ Nosedive

Forget the delays previously announced for upcoming THQ games, the company's future itself may be in jeopardy, as it's now being reported that its stock has taken a further near 50 per cent slump according to Reuters. This is a harsh blow for the company which has struggled to maintain …

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