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Imagine using your tablet as a wireless charging mat

While the men, like NVIDIA like to show off their new kit at the Consumer Electronics Show it is always good to remember the boys doing exactly the same thing. This year at CES Fulton Innovation will be demonstarting a prototype technology that allows a tablet to act as a wireless charging mat.

The simple reality of it is is that both devices must follow the Qi wireless charging standard. The tablet can be charged and can then charge another Qi-compatible device. However, one would not be able to use the tablet while it charges another device.

While the application might not be there in full just yet, it is clear the potential is great. Imagine laying your phone on top of your laptop to let it charge or placing your console controllers on top of the console itself to charge them up.

KitGuru says: It is clear that is a big potential market for lucrative wireless charging ideas.

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