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iPhone 5 production slows to enforce stricter quality control

Just days after the launch of the iPhone 5 last month, early adopters found that the anodised aluminium rear casing of the device was prone to getting scratched rather easily. Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller later tried to downplay it all by saying that what was occurring was perfectly normal. Yeah right.

Apple now appears to be working with manufacturer Foxconn to enforce stricter quality control procedures on the iPhone 5 line. This should mean that less units arrive with scratches already present but it does come at the cost of output. Furthermore, it is unknown if they are trying to fix the source of the issue, or just get a clean phone in customer's hands – one that is still prone to scratches anyway.

Apple's market cap has also dropped by about $60 billion since the iPhone 5's debut, this has arguably been caused by supply concerns.

KitGuru says: Apple are already claiming they are struggling to meet demand, this will surely not help.

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