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Nokia could be looking to release a Juggernaut

The trend for the smartphone market at the moment is undoubtedly bigger is better. A few years ago, we were looking at 3.5 inch displays; a figure that has since jumped to the higher ranks of the 4 inch range. Thus far, Windows Phone devices has for the most part been much smaller than their Android equivalents but Nokia could be looking to experiment.

The above photo was leaked last week and is purported to be the “Juggernaut Semaphone”. The phone next to it is the 4.3 inch Nokia Lumia 820, so obviously this unknown device is possibly in excess of 5 inches across. An accompanying video is provided to us by Igor from Microsoft Ukraine; giving more truth to any such device actually existing.

Not all is known about the Juggernaut Semaphone other than it having a screen resolution of 800×480 and the presence of the older Windows logo as opposed to the new one seen on the Lumia 820.

KitGuru says: Either we are looking at a Windows Phone phablet, or an older prototype handset.

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