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You can now download your Twitter

Well you might not be able to specifically, but a small percentage of Twitter users can, as part of a new initiative by the social network to allow users to download their entire account’s history of tweets. While the parameters for a trial like this are a little hard to fathom in terms of its ‘success,’ once that has been achieved, Twitter plans to roll out the service to the rest of its user base.

Twitter history, might be embarrassing for some

If you’re wondering if you’re part of the early access group, you can find out by visiting your Twitter settings page and looking for a “Your Twitter Archive” option. According to Wired, clicking this emails you a link to a zip file containing all of your tweets. This will come with files in CSV and JSON format, as well as an HTML version. The latter displays your tweets in a much closer fashion to how they first appeared online, but groups them into months for easier viewing.

KitGuru Says: While this is more of an academic exercise than anything, many users will still likely find it interesting to see how their online persona has evolved over time. The earliest tweets might be a little embarrassing, but mostly it seems likely they’ll be dull. Lots of breakfast pictures I bet.

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