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Facebook auto-blocked Wikileaks links, claims ‘accident’

Facebook has been accused of deliberately blocking links to Wikileaks after it revealed secretive collusion between U.S. democratic presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party. This lead many users to accuse the social network of censorship, though Facebook has now claimed it was an accident. Although the general election is still months …

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Zynga has a new CEO, can it save the tumbling firm?

Once upon a time Facebook gaming kingpin Zynga, has had a changing of the guard at the very top of its organisation. Two time CEO and founder, Marc Pincus is gone again, this time being replaced by ex-executive vice president at EA Games, Frank Gibeau, who has sat on the …

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Facebook changes Real Name policy, adds more context

Facebook has been at the forefront of people using their real names on the internet since its inception. However as time has gone on, it’s received more and more pressure from certain groups to allow for the occasional use of faux-names to cater to different lifestyle choices. To try and have …

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Twitter adds optional feature to allow DMs from anyone

Twitter is introducing a new feature that will allow non-followers to send direct messages to accounts. Fortunately, the system is optional and won’t be forced on anyone, as right now, two Twitter users must be following each other in order to send direct messages. The feature also comes with a …

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Reddit to kill anyone’s nude photos if they ask

Reddit is taking a stance on personal privacy and has enacted a new policy in its latest administrative changes update that will mean if anyone complains about a nude or sexually suggestive photo of themselves being disseminated on the site, it will be removed without question. Ultimately, any such photo …

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Facebook in big VR hiring spree

When Facebook bought out Oculus VR back in March last year, there was much discussion of how the social network would leave the company to be independent and continue its development alone, much like the social networking giant had done with Instagram and WhatsApp. However that doesn’t mean it can’t …

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Yahoo grows Tumblr audience by 40 per cent

Often times when it comes to social networks and online communities, the big ones people talk about are Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and yet there are others out there with many, many millions of users that are growing at an impressive rate. Tumblr is one of them and considering Yahoo …

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Amazon now lets you shop on Twitter

Amazon launched a new service yesterday called #AmazonCart, the online retailer is hoping that you’ll be scrolling through Twitter, see an Amazon link and and want to buy the product on less than 140 characters worth of information. In order to add Twitter items to your cart, all you have …

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China must hire thousands to police social networks


While the Chinese government has never been open about how exactly it censors its own form of micro-blogging site, Weibo, a look at statistics and some quick calculations from one man has suggested the authorities could have several thousand people on the payroll, who’s only job is to flag and …

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How social networking is changing Italian politics


Groups like the Pirate Party and prolific twitter users like Stephen Fry, might help remind us from time to time of certain freedoms that seem to be harder for ourselves and politicians to remember as the years go on, but one man in Italy is doing far more with his …

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EU to force digital companies to report hacks


The European Union has announced a new cybersecurity directive, that will place legal bindings on companies in key internet positions to report any breaches of their security, such as hacking attacks. This would bring companies like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other large scale services in-line and force them to keep …

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Social network storage, would you pay for it?

Social Safe

We saw last week how Twitter will soon allow everyone to download a zip file of their activity on the social networking site, but what about having an archive of more than just Twitter? That’s what Social Safe is looking to do and with a new round of funding complete, …

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You can now download your Twitter


Well you might not be able to specifically, but a small percentage of Twitter users can, as part of a new initiative by the social network to allow users to download their entire account’s history of tweets. While the parameters for a trial like this are a little hard to fathom in terms …

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The pope begins tweeting

Twitter Pope

The Vatican announced last week that the pope was planning to answer the questions of twitter users, as well as speaking words of wisdom on the social network on the 12th and today is that day. A couple of hours ago, he released his first few tentative messages, with more …

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Google takes a swipe at Facebook

Google Facebook

Google’s social vice president Bradley Horowitz has taken a few swings at Facebook, as part of his suggestion that the time is ripe for Google’s + service to become the dominant social network, citing what he considers to be a general distaste for Facebook’s advertising practises as a major reason …

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Posting a notice on your Facebook, will not protect your privacy


Every six months or so, a lot of Facebook users that haven’t done so before, copy and paste legalise onto their wall, thinking that it will protect their content from use by Facebook in advertising and marketing – unfortunately for those involved, it doesn’t make any difference. The legal sounding notice purports …

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Do social networks make free speech, too free?

Burning Poppy

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, have brought the world together. They’ve allowed us to communicate with the stars of our generation and previous ones, they’ve let us see into the lives of those protesting in war torn countries and made it possible for us to tell public figures …

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US government to scan social networks for terrorism


The United States’ department of Homeland Security has begun a one year operation that will test whether it’s viable to secure information on terrorists through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, by scanning user communications. This study is being conducted in partnership with Accenture Federal Services, which has been contracted …

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Twitter censors neo-Nazi account in Germany

Twitter Hannover

Twitter has blocked German users of the site from viewing the page and tweets of a certain neo-Nazi group, after a request was sent by German police officials to have the page deleted. However it still remains online and viewable elsewhere in the world. The group in question is known …

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Facebook breaks a billion

Facebook Like

Facebook has finally reached the dizzy heights of having over a billion active members, making it the first social network to do so. Its nearest rival Twitter, has just over half that number – showing the impressive feat Facebook has achieved. Founder of the site, Mark Zuckerburg made the announcement, …

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Paying with tweets?

Tweet Shop

Ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to buy some Special K cereal, but I have no money. If only I could pay with my tweets”? If you’re one of the very few people that answered yes to that question then I may have the shop for you. The world’s first …

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Google Plus: can it succeed?

Google’s Eric Schmidt told reporters at the Allen & Co media conference in Sun Valley that Google Plus is becoming an integral aspect of the business. “The whole company is ramping up on top of it.” he said. Google Plus is a serious effect by the organisation to challenge Facebook …

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