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Paying with tweets?

Ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to buy some Special K cereal, but I have no money. If only I could pay with my tweets”? If you’re one of the very few people that answered yes to that question then I may have the shop for you. The world’s first “Tweet Shop” has now officially opened in London, offering the calorie control cereal in exchange for twitter plugs.

Customers that visit the shop and wish to ‘purchase’ – I use the term loosely – some special K will be required to send a tweet referencing their chosen flavour of the cereal. When staff have checked that the message has appeared on your feed, they’ll give you a packet. This isn’t the large boxes you’d buy in your weekly shop though, but the newly released “cracker chips,” that are more designed as a snack food than to be doused in milk.

Tweet Shop
All staff wear the iconic red dress from the adverts

This is the whole reason for the new store, to promote the latest offering from the firm, in quite an innovative fashion. Considering the cost of television and other forms of advertising, having several hundred visitors to the shop – presumably they’ll get at least that many in the next few days – send messages to their presumably several tens of thousands total followers, should mean that the promotion is much more worth Kellogg’s money than traditional advertising.

The only problem could stem from the fact that the people that visit the store are likely to be friends of those that tweeted, suggesting their could be some crossover in who is being exposed to these positive mentions.

The Tweet Shop will remain open for a limited period only: 9-5 until Friday the 28th September.

KitGuru Says: How long do you think before a troublemaker decides to tweet something nasty about Special K and is refused a packet?

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