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MySpace’s latest facelift

MySpace, once the pinnacle of social networking advancement is far from the entity it once was, though at its peak it had only a fraction of Facebook’s insane user base. Still, its current owners, like those of the newly revamped DIGG, are hoping to draw back a few of the older users and some new ones, with a fresh look and a continued focus on music.

While it’s not live yet, the new look was showcased in a video that shows a – surprisingly – very clean and innovative looking site. It has features you’ll recognise, similar to those found on Facebook and other social networks, but it’s certainly got a fresher look than pretty much all of them.

There’s status updates and a focus on images and sharing of media – perhaps more so than the other big competitors at the moment – while incorporating what looks like much more detailed and graphically represented statistics for fans of certain things. The given example is Justin Timberlake (a part owner of the site), who is given access to a specific group of most dedicated fans, allowing him to share information with them that isn’t available to other followers.

At the base of each page there appears to be a music player, suggesting that users will have a continues musical experience moving around the site. While it might seem like services like Spotify have more than passed MySpace by, the once popular site still features a library of over 40 million tracks, almost three times that of Spotify’s own collection.

You can signup for news of the site revamp at new.myspace.com

KitGuru Says: So what about it KG members? Does MySpace have a hope of ever returning to its once dominant status? Perhaps it will become something else entirely that is less suceptible to the ebb and flow of popularity that seems to surround social networking.

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