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NASA joins US scientists rebelling against Trump administration

United States scientists are continuing to defy gag orders from the newly inaugurated U.S. President, Donald Trump and his administration, with now seemingly someone from NASA speaking out online. Using the Twitter account @RogueNASA, one “government employee” is speaking out on climate change and government oversight. Ninety-seven percent of climate …

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You can now download your Twitter


Well you might not be able to specifically, but a small percentage of Twitter users can, as part of a new initiative by the social network to allow users to download their entire account’s history of tweets. While the parameters for a trial like this are a little hard to fathom in terms …

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Paying with tweets?

Tweet Shop

Ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to buy some Special K cereal, but I have no money. If only I could pay with my tweets”? If you’re one of the very few people that answered yes to that question then I may have the shop for you. The world’s first …

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Twitter deal with 1 billion tweets a week

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said that Twitter is now serving 1 billion tweets each week. Twitter have never released detailed information on their platform, but Dorsey wants this to change, highlighting the popularity of the platform. Dorsey obviously tweeted the information, giving them 1 billion and one tweets this week …

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