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Twitter hosts Snowden for anti-surveillance conversation

Twitter co-founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, made an online appearance yesterday as moderator for a Q&A with exiled whistleblower, Edward Snowden. In it he pitched him questions from the wider Twitterverse and gave Snowden a platform for a strong anti-surveillance message, one that Twitter seems to agree with considering its …

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Social networks, tech firms to block ‘extremist’ images


Some of the world’s biggest technology firms are going to share a database of image and video hashes for ‘extemist content’ with one another, in order to prevent them from appearing on their various platforms. This is much the same system they use to tackle child pornography and although it …

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Disney rumoured to be considering Twitter buyout


Disney may add Twitter to its list of acquisitions in recent years, joining the likes of Marvel and Star Wars, though if it did buy the social network, it would be a substantial purchase. Valued currently at $20 billion, such a buy would represent multiple years of net income, even …

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Twitter said to be in talks to sell entire company


Twitter may be in talks with a number of technology firms to see if it would be viable to sell off its entire social media platform. Although unconfirmed, Twitter has struggled with monetisation over the years and it’s not a move that would surprise many analysts. Reuters is reporting a …

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Tweet archive PostGhost responds to Twitter shutdown


There are many high-profile people with huge followings on Twitter with the power to start trends and change the opinions of many. Sometimes, verified users will put out tweets that many will see instantly, only to be deleted minutes later to avoid accountability. Tweet archives like PostGhost and Politiwoops are around …

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Oculus CEO hacked using four year-old MySpace password

Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus VR, has become the latest technology executive to have his social media accounts hacked, with a particular individual claiming responsibility for it on Twitter, announcing themselves as the new head of Oculus. Purportedly, they were able to crack his accounts by discovering his four-year …

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