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Twitter is rolling out an even darker mode to save battery on AMOLED smartphones

Credit where it’s due, Twitter was one of the first companies to push the ever-popular dark mode way back in 2016, but it wasn’t the most effective at saving smartphone batteries with its signature blue-ish hue. AMOLED users can now rejoice, as Twitter has implemented a pitch black “lights out” mode that lets users toggle between both versions of dark mode and the original layout.

Initially introduced as a preference on desktops to make things a little easier on the eyes, the feature has become a staple in the smartphone world for its battery saving properties – so much so that Google is now baking it into its upcoming Android Q OS at the system-level.

While appealing to look at, Twitter’s aptly dubbed “Night Mode” isn’t quite the traditional dark mode we are used to today, with its tones of blue and grey rather than black. Fortunately, the social media site has heard the cries for an even darker mode, allowing users to switch between its original “dim” night mode and one that completely turns the “lights out.”

To enable the feature on mobile, users will have to head into their ‘settings and privacy’ menu and then navigate to ‘display and sound’.  Once night mode has been switched on, it will default to the dim mode that users are currently accustomed to but another option called “lights out” can be seen directly below.

Twitter has announced that it will be rolling out the new option today, but its release seems to be staggered per country and/or per device. Currently it doesn’t seem to be available on the latest alpha 68 version, but it will eventually make its way to everyone.

KitGuru Says: If you’re frequently on the go and rely on Twitter, this will be a saviour to many, even if it might be a difficult transition over. I always prefer the darkest of modes, so this is certainly welcomed by me. On sites that do offer the choice, what mode do you usually prefer?

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