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E3’s most discussed games revealed

With E3 officially coming to an end, it’s time to see which games and conferences ‘won’ E3. One of the biggest hubs for discussing E3 was Twitter. The social media platform has now released its list for the most discussed games, and while some of these entrants are understandable, others are a welcome surprise.

As published on its blog, Twitter revealed that during the official span of E3 – between the 12th to the 15th of June 2021 – “26 of the 30 Worldwide Trends [related] to the event at one point during the 4-day event”. Within this, the United States topped the list with regards to which countries discussed the event the most. This was then followed by Japan, then Spain, and the UK coming in at 4th place.

As for the games themselves, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sequel was the most talked about game, which is understandable when considering the fact that the first game has sold over 22 million copies.

Second place surprisingly goes to Elden Ring. The upcoming game by FromSoftware was first teased back in E3 2019, before going radio silent. Its much-anticipated return was therefore met with a great deal of excitement – with the game’s trailer being the singularly most watched E3 trailer on Twitter.

The 3rd most discussed game was Battlefield 2042. After going back to WWI and then WWII, fans of the franchise appeared to celebrate Battlefield's return to modern and near-futuristic warfare. Calling back to the franchise’s prime, Battlefield 2042 understandably generated a great deal of buzz.

The 4th most discussed game was Halo: Infinite. After the disappointing gameplay reveal last year, Halo and 343i needed to prove that Infinite would be worth the wait, and this year’s showcase was met with much interest.

Drifting into the top 5 is Forza Horizon 5. A surprise announcement at Microsoft’s E3 conference, Forza Horizon is known for its consistent and high quality output of racing titles – and so an unexpected and surprise announcement at E3 appeared to generate a lot of excitement.

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