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KitGuru Games: mClassic – an Upscaler for the Discerning Eye

With the rapid rate of technological progress over the decades, many older games no longer hold up to current day TVs and monitors both technically and technologically. In some instances, even modern systems are far behind the curve of video output, with a number of Nintendo Switch titles turning into a bit of a blurry/aliased mess when blown up on a big screen. This is where the mClassic comes in: a HDMI-based hardware upscaler offering “Real-Time Redrawing of Each and Every Pixel.”

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KitGuru Games: How to Fix Fast Travel

Fast travel in games won’t be going away any time soon – and nor should it – but it is interesting to examine the varying ways that developers choose to implement the feature in their games; be it narratively, mechanically or functionally. Quite surprisingly, over the decades, studios have tackled this seemingly simple issue in MANY ways – for better and worse.

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Illumination denies Zelda film rumours

Following the overwhelming success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, animation studio Illumination and Nintendo seemed to confirm that more films based on the console manufacturer’s IPs were on their way. One rumour claimed that next in line for an adaptation is The Legend of Zelda. According to Illumination however, …

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