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Splinter Cell reappears on Ubisoft social media but don’t get your hopes up yet

It is difficult to know what information to trust when it comes to Splinter Cell at the moment. We’ve had plenty of leaks that didn’t pan out, cross-promotional teases inside of Ubisoft games and even one instance of an Ubisoft director teasing Sam Fisher’s return only for it to be brushed off as a joke. This week, Ubisoft Spain brought Splinter Cell back into the conversation, leaving us to speculate on the series’ future once again.

The official Ubisoft Spain Twitter account tweeted a picture of Sam Fisher this week. As usual, our favourite espionage specialist is sporting the classic night vision goggles. Adding some extra mystery to the post, the person running Ubi’s Spanish Twitter account added a tag line that roughly translates to “You need to understand the darkness in order to face it”. Now, that could have been written by just about anyone, so it’s not necessarily an official tag line for a new Splinter Cell game, but it does hit the right mix of dark and edgy to sound like a line from a marketing department.

Unfortunately, this tweet hasn’t been posted on any other Ubisoft social media account, raising the chance that Ubisoft Spain’s Community Manager just happened to be thinking about Splinter Cell yesterday and thought a quote and picture of Sam Fisher would be good for engagement. If that is the case, then the strategy worked very well, as the tweet has been shared around a ton, not just on social media, but on news sites too- a trap that I am falling into right now as I type this out.

There is some hope for more Splinter Cell in the future though. We already know that Oculus has a deal in place to create VR spin-offs for Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed. Beyond that, Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, has previously said that Splinter Cell will return some day, so we can assume that at least one of the publisher’s studios has been working on it.

Currently, Ubisoft has most of its big 2020 releases planned for the second half of the year after pushing three games out of the ‘early 2020’ release window. The publisher also has two unannounced Triple A games planned for late next year. One of those is bound to be Assassin’s Creed, but the second game is a total mystery, so Splinter Cell is a possibility for now.

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KitGuru Says: If an Ubisoft developer didn’t already Joke about working on a new Splinter Cell this year, then I would probably have a little more hope in this latest round of speculation. However, given the number of false rumours over the last couple of years, I wouldn’t encourage Splinter Cell fans to get their hopes up just yet unless something more substantial comes along. 

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