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Social network storage, would you pay for it?

We saw last week how Twitter will soon allow everyone to download a zip file of their activity on the social networking site, but what about having an archive of more than just Twitter? That’s what Social Safe is looking to do and with a new round of funding complete, it looks more likely to be able to achieve that goal.

According to the company’s announcement, it managed to raise another quarter million pounds from investors, bringing its total funding pot over the half million mark. According to TechCrunch, this money will be used to bring about the technical development of an app far more quickly, as well as adding a better support system and stat tracking.

Social Safe
Social networking is self indulgent enough at the best of times, do we really need a backup of the routine nonsense we put on there?

Designed for Mac and Windows, the idea behind SocialSafe is that users can download the entire history of their Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Viadeo accounts, backing them up locally to their PC. The idea is that you then link it up with your own cloud storage software to provide a permanent backup.

With other companies rolling out similar features, it’s obvious that social networking backups are a new vogue business model – the investments would ‘backup’ that claim. However, ultimately the real question is whether people will use it.

KitGuru Says: So KG members, would you use a social backup feature? Do you need to have your status updates saved throughout time? Let us know.

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