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Arctic Power Bank 4000 Review

Today we are going to take a look at one of Arctic’s latest mobile accessories, the Power Bank 4000.  We have looked at a number of Arctic’s mobile accessories over the last few years and have been generally very impressed with the level of quality and value for money that …

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Dotcom’s Mega launches mobile app for Android

PRISM, Tempora and other government spying schemes might be scaring the pants off of a lot of average citizens, but not Kim Dotcom. He’s enjoying increased revenue from his encrypted data backup service, MEGA, which has now announced the release of a mobile app, letting you backup on the go. …

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Social network storage, would you pay for it?

Social Safe

We saw last week how Twitter will soon allow everyone to download a zip file of their activity on the social networking site, but what about having an archive of more than just Twitter? That’s what Social Safe is looking to do and with a new round of funding complete, …

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