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Dotcom’s Mega launches mobile app for Android

PRISM, Tempora and other government spying schemes might be scaring the pants off of a lot of average citizens, but not Kim Dotcom. He’s enjoying increased revenue from his encrypted data backup service, MEGA, which has now announced the release of a mobile app, letting you backup on the go.

Downloadable now from the Google Play store, the new Mega app features the following:

  • Browse your MEGA cloud storage account
  • Fast upload and downloads on the move
  • Camera sync: automatically upload photos and videos to the MEGA cloud
  • Export and send file and folder links
  • Image thumbnails
  • Create, delete, rename and move files and folders

The app works on smartphones and on tablets, as long as they’re running Android.


Reviews for the app so far are pretty good, with most saying it’s nice or has a lot of potential. As with most reviewers though, the lowest ratings tend to be from people who haven’t been able to get the app working for some reason, or don’t quite understand how to use it and are taking it out on the app itself.

KitGuru Says: With all the recent revelations about government snooping, have you guys taken any measures to secure your data a bit more?

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