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ESA: with remastering, nothing is abandonware

Even though there are a few games released each year which will stick with their players for a long time to come, always reminding them of fond memories, many others simple disappear. As a part of gaming history however, some people want abandoned servers and empty game worlds restored and …

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Seagate preps Archive HDDs: 5TB, 6TB and 8TB at low price-points

This year both Seagate Technology and Western Digital Corp. introduced hard disk drives with breakthrough capacities designed for near line storage applications. Since those hard drives are based on enterprise-class platforms, they are too expensive not only for consumers, but even for cold-storage applications. This week Seagate quietly added the …

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RIAA lobbying closes radio archive site

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), is a lobby group that’s most well known for going after torrent and streaming sites in order to prevent people from downloading music without paying for it first. While that doesn’t give it the best image among many music fans, it does at …

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Britain’s internet archive is now officially offline

Don’t worry your internet hasn’t crapped out and somehow I’m telling you this through a loaded webpage, but the British internet as we know it is now officially offline. Or at least, it’s accessible from an offline facility. This is all part of the British Library’s attempt to store the …

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You can now download your Twitter


Well you might not be able to specifically, but a small percentage of Twitter users can, as part of a new initiative by the social network to allow users to download their entire account’s history of tweets. While the parameters for a trial like this are a little hard to fathom in terms …

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