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Samsung Galaxy S III Indepth Review

Hardware Information

The Samsung Galaxy S III has the Exynos 4412 (also known as the Exynos 4 Quad) chipset inside that includes a 1.4 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 ARM processor that is blistering fast and the just as impressive ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU. This is actually the same GPU that was seen in the Galaxy S II last year but it has received a massive clock speed boost.

The chipset itself is manufactured on a 32nm HKMG process and Samsung claims that this results in 40% less power drain compared to their 45nm process.

There is a full gigabyte of LPDDR2 memory under the hood but thanks to the Mali GPU requiring some for its own processing users are offered 780 MB of RAM for their multitasking needs.

The S III either comes with 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage (a 64 GB model is coming later) and in addition to this is a MicroSD slot supporting SDXC cards up to 64 GB in size. Instead of the traditional 2 GB for applications, and 10 GB for everything else method, Samsung has merged all internal storage into one large partition. In the case of my 16 GB unit this means 11.35 GB of user accessible storage.

Hardware Performance

Well what we witness here comes as no real surprise to me. The Exynos 4412 chip is the fastest we have seen pass through our doors and this is reflected in every single benchmark at our disposal.

We have realised we are starting to get vsync limited in GLBenchmark (also Nenamark2) so we have also included offscreen results.

For the most part, the Samsung Galaxy S III is roughly 10% faster than the Tegra 3 powered HTC One X. However the Galaxy takes noticeable leads in GLBenchmark and many of the browser-based tests, even going as far as more than doubling our previous best score in Peacekeeper.

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