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The Samsung Galaxy S III gets ripped apart

iFixit and Chipworks have combined to give us a overview on what is inside the latest and greatest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Launched in the UK earlier this week it has already been carefully taken apart by skilled hands to reveal what is inside.

What is revealed is the already known Exynos 4412 quad core processor plus some things we weren't already sure about. This includes the 8 MP camera which turns out to be made by Sony and is a newer (and possibly better) version of the sensor in the iPhone 4S. There is also the Wolfson WM1811 DAC which offers superior audio quality compared to the Galaxy S III's predecessor.

Further investigations revealed that the layer of Gorilla Glass 2 has been fused to the 4.8 inch 720p Super AMOLED HD display, which will leader to greater repair costs if you are unfortunate to crack the glass. iFixit have not yet posted their official repairability score but be sure to refer to their teardown thus far for more pictures.

KitGuru says: There's a part of me that dies inside every time a new device is gutted.

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