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Sharp commences mass production of 5-inch, 1080p displays

While many of us are perfectly happy with 720p or lesser resolutions Sharp has announced “full-scale” production of their next generation smartphone displays. Production will further ramp up throughout October. The displays will be 5 inches across and behold an very impressive Full HD 1920×1080 resolution.

The 443 PPI display is denser than anything currently available although it is unlikely we will see smartphones with this display until early next year. Previously, the highest pixel density achieved on a smartphone was 340 PPI as seen on 4.3 inch, 720p displays found on devices such as the Sony Xperia S and HTC Rezound. There is also “a new pixel design” as opposed to the traditional RGB matrix, although it has yet to be detailed.

Rumours have been persistent about a 5 inch HTC phablet, although we find it somewhat unlikely that this display will be found in that device, unless its launch is delayed until next year.

KitGuru says: Another feature to brag about? Yes. Beyond usefulness? Sharp is certainly getting close to the tipping point.

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