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Sony may stay clear of entry-level smartphones

Sony may have plans to abandon entry and low-level Android smartphones in an attempt to rise its product image. Apple is the best example of this; by only offering flagship quality devices across a large range of electronic devices. Whether it would be smartphones, ultrabooks or laptops it would be very hard to place Apple outside of this scope. While Sony's attempt with its smartphones will not extend quite that far, the company will be taking steps towards it.

“We’re ready to be a premium smartphone provider, logically then, at the very entry level is where you lose the ‘Sonyness’. And it’s where you cannot implement some of these wonderful things from Sony at such a low cost, we might leave the very entry tier to some other manufacturers.” – Stephen Sneeden, Xperia product marketing manager.

The recently announced Xperia Z smartphone is a very good example of this beautification process. Sony also recently overtook HTC to become the second best selling Android OEM in the UK.

KitGuru says: With entry-level devices out of the way, it will allow Sony to focus on the device which get the most attention.

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