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Tegra 3 to be in 30 smartphones this year, LTE integration coming

Nvidia has just released some further information in addition to its Kai tablet platform, its Tegra 3 chipset will be in 30 smartphones by the end of the year. This number doesn't include tablets such as the recently reviewed Asus Transformer Prime. This number is twice as many as what its predecessor, Tegra 2, had. However don't expect all thirty phones to be available in your region, many will likely be regional variants for overseas markets.

These Tegra 3 smartphones will also be cheaper than the various Tegra based phones that were available last year. Just under half of them will have a transfer price (not quite the same as retail price) of under $300, compared to Tegra 2's zero.

The "Grey" platform will begin the marriage between Tegra and Icera chips

Also today, Nvidia announced their first LTE modem products are their taking over of Icera. So far, we have had to rely on Qualcomm's various Snapdragon chipsets for LTE support. The HTC One XL is the LTE version of the One X and replaces the Tegra 3 chipset with one of Qualcomm's latest designs. The Icera 410 and 500 LTE/HSPA+ were announced today. The Icera 410 has been validated for use on AT&T's LTE network and will most likely be restrained to tablets as it isn't an all-in-one solution.

The Icera 500 is the 410's successor and is also where the fun begins. It brings with it next generation LTE speeds and also marks the unification of the Tegra and Icera product lines, although the Icera 500 chip will be able to be found separate from the mobile SoC. The “Grey” chipset with integrated LTE won't arrive until 2013 but standalone Icera chips will make their way into products later this year.

KitGuru says: Grey will be one of many chipsets to keep an eye on over the next year.

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