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Windows Mobile Marketplace shutting down in May

Microsoft has recently sent out emails to Windows Mobile 6.x users stating that the marketplace will soon be shutting down in early May. Windows Mobile 6.x is not to be mistaken with Microsoft’s current Windows Phone 7 platform.

HTC's HD2 smartphone, one of the few phones capable of escaping the Marketplace shutdown. It can also run Android and Windows Phone 7.

Starting from the 9th of May users rocking Microsoft’s old mobile operating system will no longer be able to download, purchase or even browse applications. Current users are warned to update any applications now as the marketplace shutdown will mean that existing applications will not be able to be updated.

While the official Windows Mobile Marketplace may be shutting down it does not limit you from installing applications from third-party application stores.

Kitguru says: It would be in your best interests to purchase a new phone; regardless of the Windows Mobile Marketplace shutting down.

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