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Windows Phone 7.8 rolling out from early 2013

While we are sure many early adopters of the Windows Phone platform were disappointed to find their devices would not be updated to the latest Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is set to deliver the compromise in early 2013. Windows Phone 7.8 for such devices as the Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC Titan will bring across some new Windows Phone 8 features to existing handsets.

Last week a Nokia developer let slip that the update could be mere days away, instead Microsoft has today given a status update. In it they confirm again that Windows Phone 7.8 will get the new re-sizeable home screen tiles. The number of theme colour options has doubled to 20 plus the ability to display Bing's picture of the day on the lockscreen and enhanced lockscreen security.

New budget handsets will also launch running Windows Phone 7.8, allowing Microsoft's smartphones to break into developing markets.

It is expected that the update is currently going through the approval and testing process and will start rolling out to users in early 2013.

KitGuru says: It may not be as soon as some users were hoping for, but at least now they have a firm time frame to look forward to.

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