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Windows Phone 7 continues to flop in the US

Analyst firm Nielsen has issued their latest stats for the United States smartphone market in the second quarter of 2012. In this quarter, smartphone adoption continues to increase with 2 in 3 new customers siding with a smartphone.

Perhaps the most interesting numbers are those for Windows Phone 7. The platform that is being pushed so heavily holds just 1.3% of the market. Nokia by itself holds just 1.2% of smartphone owners, but just a quarter of this comes from Windows Phone 7. Rather surprisingly considering the amount of advertising Nokia seems to invest in their Lumia series. More shocking is that this is less than half of the market share that Windows Mobile holds – an operating system that was last updated in early 2010 and whose application store closed earlier in the year.

Looking at the more dominant players, Android holds 51.8% of the market and 54.6% of new customers in the last three months. iOS trails behind with 34.3% total share and 36.3% in the last quarter. RIM continues its downward spiral capturing 4% of recent acquirers but keeps a somewhat respectable 8.1% overall market share.

KitGuru says: Microsoft and Nokia better hope that Windows Phone 8 succeeds or their smartphone attempts could come to a premature end.

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