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Aria cooks up new combos to stimulate market

Jack and Coke, Cheese and Onion, Thelma and Louise. Some things are just better in combination with each other. The cooks down at Aria have been analysing what it is that customers actually buy (as opposed to what combinations you think they will be interested in) and created a new menu. KitGuru sits down at the chef’s table to see if the ingredients are correct.

Anyone who has lost data would be tempted by a pair of drives. RAID 1 might save your data in dire circumstances. How often do you upgrade your mouse or keyboard and wish that you’d just changed both? Looking at all of KitGuru Labs testing for high end graphics, you just KNOW that buying 2 or more monitors makes sense.

This is the kind of logic that Aria has applied – and some of the new combos look interesting. For example, we were highlighting the £119 single 1TB Samsung SpinPoint drive earlier in the year, but you can now buy a pair of them for just £117.

The same goes for a pair of Samsung HD SyncMaster monitors, which have been paired for less than £200.

In light of Sapphire’s brand new 7970 6GB Toxic Edition, if nVidia fanbois want to keep up – then they may well be tempted by the idea of a pair of MSI GTX670 cards at £589.

The concept has been extended across to bundles and DIY systems. For example, all the kit you need to make a turbo charged 2500k system is just £449.

You can get a full listing of combos from here and systems from here.

Tha chaps and chapesses at Aria are looking to stimulate your pallet

KitGuru says: It’s good to see resellers thinking about what their customers want most. While it is possible to create a killer 2500k rig for £700 – not everyone has that kind of money spare – so a complete kit for just £449 makes sense. We’re looking forward to seeing more bundle deals from Aria and other resellers this summer.

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