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Windows Phone 8 ported to the HTC HD2

The HTC HD2, first released in late 2009 is undoubtedly the smartphone that will never die. In its latest accomplishment, Windows Phone 8 has been ported to the device. It is also worth keeping in mind the HD2 originally launched with Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.

The feat has been accomplished by the Dark Forces Team, who have a history of rich development work for the HD2 in particular. However, public access to Windows Phone 8 on the HTC HD2 is currently limited to a few photos. For that reason we cannot say how well Windows Phone 8 runs on the legacy device.

This also means that other older Windows Phone 7.x devices such as the HTC 7 Trophy, Samsung Omnia W and Nokia Lumia 800 could eventually run Windows Phone 8 if third party developers get to work.

KitGuru says: We really have to wonder when the day will come where the HTC HD2 cannot run a new mobile operating system.

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