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Windows Phone app downloads have doubled since WP8 debut

A recent tweet from the Senior Director of the Windows Phone Apps Team, Todd Brix, announced some good news for Windows Phone followers. Brix said that since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in November the number of application downloads, as well as developer revenue has more than doubled.

These numbers mostly indicate that the Windows Phone 8 launch has gone rather well for Microsoft and its hardware partners Nokia and HTC. The Nokia Lumia 920 was recently launched in my own country and stock was quick to sell out.

The key to a healthy mobile platform is undoubtedly application development support and with application downloads and revenue more than doubling in a month, things are already looking up. Lack of decent applications have previously been the downfall of WebOS, MeeGo and the Palm Pre.

KitGuru says: Now all we need are more Windows Phone devices and more high-end software and games.

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