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ZTE to release the “most advanced gaming smartphone” next week

There are two little known, but fast moving Chinese phone manufacturers. One is Huawei, while the other one tends to make those cheap-as-chips smartphones that are re-branded at the carrier’s request. The company in question is ZTE and they announced on Twitter yesterday that “The countdown has begun! 6 days left until you can have one of the MOST ADVANCED GAMING SMARTPHONES in your hands!”

The first thing my mind jumps to when hearing this is the possibility of another phone like the Sony Xperia Play. While it was a great concept it didn’t pack the hardware or have access to enough high quality games to deliver. However, over a year on from the mediocrity that the Xperia Play was, an Nvidia Tegra 3 powered smartphone with a gamepad could sell well. During Mobile World Congress earlier in the year they did talk about a Tegra 3 device so anything is possible.

KitGuru says: If it is going to be the “most advanced gaming smartphone” it’s going to have to have a powerful chipset and a decent gamepad. Anything less and it’ll flop just like the last gaming smartphone. Either way it is just five days until we find out.

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