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Analyst claims Android share will decline against Apple iOS

Technology analyst Charlie Wolf from Needham and Company is claiming that Android is going to drop marketshare against iOS over the coming months. His reasoning? Apple are due to release the upgraded iPhone.

Android has actually seen a slight US decline already in recent months and Wolf predicts that the only way is down for Android when Apple come to market with a shiny new product for the masses.

His report shows that the smartphone shipments are up 85 percent in both of the recent quarters, increasing smartphone market presence from 17.8 percent to 28.1 percent over the course of the last 12 months. All major companies are aiming at the growing Asia Pacific markets as well as other developing areas, outside Europe and America.

Nokia and RIM shares are dropping, thanks to struggling market presence from both companies. RIM for instance have seen a drop from 37.8 percent in the US market, to 13.8 percent in the quarter ending March. These are really concerning figures for RIM and indicate a troubled structure. Nokia are also having problems, as their share fell 20 percent in the same period.

US and Worldwide markets are slightly different although both show a noticeable healthy increase for Google’s Android (the most recent US figures show a minor drop however). Windows Mobile is not performing at all in either region, although in the US it is proving to generate more sales than Nokia, whose strength has always been in Europe.

Wolf has told investors that in his views Android is facing “just the beginning” of share loss in the US. He says that when Apple release their new iPhone that more customers will migrate over. This could be even more damaging as Apple may work with more carriers in the US, such as T-Mobile and Sprint.

Kitguru says: Android really on the decline? its hard to imagine.

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