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Apple iOS 7 3D Maps to dominate ?

Apple oriented website AppleInsider have published an article showing how Apple Maps will look in the upcoming iOS7 operating system. They say that the new mapping system will have a full screen mode which focuses on how easy the new Apple 3D Flyover imagery is to navigate. Appleinsider say that the new maps is ‘more detailed and significantly more up-to-date than even the desktop 3D offerings of leading map vendors Google and Nokia, let alone their mobile app offerings.'

Will Apple now dominate the mobile Mapping market after the disaster of their previous version which made them the butt of many jokes online?

The full screen mode image above on an iPhone 5 shows a view ‘that's nearly as expansive and detailed as an iPad today' – Applesinsider.

Appleinsider then show various samples of the mapping system compared against the market leader, Google. One of the images, shown above is described as “Details in Flyover (above left) appear less sharply distinct in this screen shot, but in actual use it is far easier to position and read than Google Earth, and consumes a lot less memory. Google Earth frequently complains of running out of memory in actual use, and is both plodding and laggy.

The technology behind Apple's high performance photorealistic, interactive 3D Flyover map images originated at C3 Technologies, which Apple acquired in late 2011.”

There is a lot of detail in the AppleInsider article and it is worth a read over here. Will the new Apple software truly make the Google offering seem ‘old fashioned'? As long as the tracking and accuracy of the maps is improved it looks to be a significant improvement over their last release anyway.

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