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ComScore shows Android growth while Microsoft & Rim slip

ComScore have released their latest figures for the mobile OS market share, detailing the three months up to January 2011.

Google's Android shows huge growth, rising 7.7 percent to take the top spot from the BlackBerry operating system. The Blackberry OS has fallen by 5.4% which will be worrying news for Research In Motion.

Apple have only seen a 0.1% level of growth indicating that the Google Android monster is also hurting their marketshare.

Microsoft will be the most concerned however, because even with the release of a new platform, Windows Phone 7 has failed to capture the minds and the hearts of the mobile audience, dropping 1.7 percent, in what should be a growth period, especially when factoring in the marketing budget spent promoting their phones.

KitGuru says: Stage 1 of the Android smartphone plan for dominance is already in effect.

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