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Google’s MotoX said to be coming 1st August

The latest news would suggest that Google are planning to release their MotoX smartphone on the 1st of August. They sent out invitations to a New York City launch scheduled for August 1st for the American made Moto X smartphone.

This is a huge event for Google as it will be the first smartphone released since they took over the Motorola Mobility business. Google CEO Larry Page spoke out about the phone, teasing listeners in a company earnings call late last week.

USA Today added “Motorola is also expected to be at the forefront of a Verizon Wireless media gathering on Tuesday in Gotham, where the latest Motorola Droid handhelds are expected to be unveiled.”

Google executive Sundar Pinchai who runs the Chrome and Android businesses is holding a press breakfast in San Francisco and the news would point to the unveiling of Android Version 4.3, their latest OS for smartphones and tablets.

Kitguru says: LG are said to be holding an event on August 7th to introduce the replacement for the Optimus G flagship smartphone. Its a busy couple of months in the smartphone sector.

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