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HTC will patch security hole in smartphones

Yesterday we reported on an security issue found by Android Police – this affected many HTC phones. When we reported on it yesterday HTC hadn’t time to fully investigate the concerns. Today they have announced that a patch will be coming.

HTC issued a statement saying they were working “very diligently to quickly release a security update”. They added “Following a short testing period by our carrier partners, the patch will be sent over-the-air to customers, who will be notified to download and install it. We urge all users to install the update promptly.”

Devices which need patched will be the HTC EVO 3D, 4D and Sensation. Experts say that this security issue is very serious.

Kitguru says: Kudos for HTC in acting so quickly. Until the patch is applied, if you are using one of these phones be careful what you download.

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