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Samsung not buying troubled BlackBerry maker

Research In Motion are a troubled company. Their BlackBerry smartphones, once the staple of the business user have been steadily declining in popularity over the previous 2 years. Combined with bad management and multiple resignations their future looks in question.

Rumours lately suggested that Samsung may be in line to acquire RIM, leading them into a new direction. This would have been seen as a positive move to rescue the iconic brand.

Sadly Samsung have said that they are not considering a takeover of Research In Motion, or even a licensing deal for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Operating System. This is sure to negatively impact the company as their shares rose by 5 percent yesterday after the news was circulating that Samsung may be interested in a licensing deal.

No other companies have made public an interest in the company, or licensing agreements for 10 OS.

Kitguru says: Blackberry 10 OS is a key focus point for the company in the future, and if it fails we do feel that RIM may not be able to bounce back. Whatever happens, we hope that the Blackberry handset can be rescued.

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