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Windows 7 HP slate video on Youtube – real or fake?

The HP Slate has been discussed for some time now, but a man reporting to have a prototype in his hands has published a video on Youtube.

“I have one here in my hands,” says the man, who is known as x313xkillazx on YouTube. “It's not actually out yet … but I have my hands on one early.”

The machine has a sticker on it which says “Property of HP – Prototype – not for sale”. Is this an employee of the company who is risking his career for some hits on his Youtube channel? A risky business, if so.

He then details the device, talking about the front facing camera, SD card slot and a keyboard button for the on screen keyboard. When the machine boots up, it only takes a few seconds and then he highlights web performance which looks fast – however scrolling appears to be slightly broken. If this is a prototype however that would be expected.

HP have said that they will not comment on unannounced products, but they may have to issue some kind of statement as there are already over 100,000 hits on the video.

The reviewer on youtube says – “I have the nice box it came in too with specs on back. Yes it has a pen. I will make another video soon of all things people want to see as soon as more people post. Thanks for watchin!”.

KitGuru says: Many of the comments on Youtube are doubting the authenticity of the device, but who knows, it may have been leaked from the development labs. With this guys rich accent and half of his head appearing in reflections he shouldn't be that hard to find.

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