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Windows Phone 7 panned by critics

With the hotly awaited release of Windows Phone 7, the critics were clearly expecting more. Many have said already that Microsoft have a long way to go to catch up with Apples iPhone and Google’s Android. While it is still early days, this hasn’t been the ideal launch for Microsoft.

The new Phone 7 mobile operating system is due for launch on November the 8th and with CEO Steve Ballmer already losing his bonus due to poor performance in this sector, this is a key territory for Microsoft expansion.

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal said that the interface was ‘attractive and novel’, but complained that it was missing key features. Copy and paste, visual voicemail, video calling and third party application multitasking is all missing and he pointed out that Google and Apple have had plenty of time to add these features. Microsoft have already addressed the missing copy and paste support, saying it will be released in the near future. Mossberg says that while the OS shows potential it is lacking behind major competitors.

Rachel Mertz, from the Associated Press said that Windows 7 was ‘easy to use’ and said it was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Metz is unsure if it will be enough to tempt users from Android and the iOS platforms.

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft CEO - we would assume he might look like this after reading the Phone 7 reviews.

Concerns were mentioned in regards to the Windows App Store, called the Marketplace, which right now has only a few hundred applications available. When you compare this against Apples 300,000, it seems to be a tough road ahead for Microsoft.

Engadget said that there were ‘holes’ in the OS and that it is ‘a good year behind market leaders right now’. News readers have been reported to crash and author Joshua Topolsky said it doesn’t have ‘the fit and finish of a fully realised product’. Ouch.

MobileCrunch said that Phone 7 is a pretty looking operating system and ‘what it does, it does pretty dang well’ however Greg Kumparak said that there are missing features that need added to make it truly competitive.

KitGuru says: Unless Microsoft can improve the operating system, we feel that their last ditch attempt into the mobile platform might end in tears. The competition is really so tight that unless you deliver 100% it is very difficult to get market share.

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