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Clipless attaches smartphone directly to clothes

They Innovate are the company behind Clipless – a mounting device that will attach a smartphone to many things, including your clothes. The creators claim it will work with any moderately flat surface.

Clipless has been designed to relegate the reason for buying a leather pouch. A discrete disc and clip attaches the phone to the wearer's clothes.

The Clipless product is based around three separate pieces. The first is a connector stuck with semi permanent adhesive to the back of the phone. This then attaches to the second piece, the actual Clipless, which attaches to the outside of clothes by slotting into a disc, the third component which is worn inside the fabric.

The adhesive is only good for a single use so if you wanted to use it with different phones you would need to buy extra connectors. Clipless will support attachment to other surfaces through a separate mount.

The company are also added NFC support to the device which means it could open a specific application when mounting in a certain location.

They Innovate are seeking funding on KickStarter. At time of publication they have raised $20,000 of a $25,000 goal. There are various pledge options still open with delivery set for October 2013, check it out over here.

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