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Lenovo say 7 inch tablets will compete with smartphones

Lenovo have said that they expect 7 inch tablets will battle head to head against large screen smartphones and not so much against the PC sector.

The company held their second quarter earnings conference call on Thursday and Lenovo Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing said that he had read a report on the iPad Mini and felt encouraged about the trend in the tablet market.

He said during the conference call “The market accepts the 7-inch tablet better than the 10-inch. That is a very strong signal, the tablet will not replace the traditional PC. Probably, the tablet will compete with the large-screen smartphone rather than the PC.”

It is true that smartphones such as the Dell Streak have had huge 5 inch displays and more recent popular phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 sport 1,280×720 resolution displays that are close to 5 inches. DisplaySearch said that future smartphones will have 5 inch displays with 1080p resolution screens. “However, other smart device makers, including Samsung, HTC, Google, Amazon, Sony, Lenovo, and ASUS are closely following Apple, and in some cases have introduced products with higher resolutions, such as Google’s Nexus 10 tablet PC, with a 10.1” 2560×1600 display at 298 ppi, and coming smart phones using 5.0” 1920×1080 displays at 490 ppi.”

Lenovo boss Yuanqing added “Touch will become a very popular feature on the traditional PC.” Lenovo are currently working hard on getting enough supply for upcoming releases.

Kitguru says: Nasty fingerprints all over our 27 inch and 30 inch screens? ill pass.

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