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New patent shows off Motorola’s revived Razr complete with foldable display

After dominating the smartphone market back in the mid-2000s, Motorola’s Razr brand has been pegged for a comeback thanks to developments in foldable display technology. Details surrounding the device have been few and far between, but a new patent gives us our first look at what could very well be Motorola’s next flagship.

The Razr brand embedded itself as a fashion accessory thanks to film and television utilising its unique appearance, but quickly began to dominate the market thanks to an ultra-slim profile and affordable pricing. Unfortunately, successors failed to garner as much attention; however the Lenovo-owned Motorola Mobility seems to be looking to revive the iconic branding.

Whispers of a Razr smartphone with foldable display technology have been around for quite some time, although Motorola’s appearances at various technology conventions saw the manufacturer focus on its modular products instead. A new patent was filed on December 17, 2018, uncovered by 91Mobiles, which takes a closer look at what the company could have in-development.

The design looks similar to the popular Motorola Razr V3, including a rectangular second screen and a circular space for the company’s logo below. Noticeably, there is no front-facing camera when folded over or opened up. It’s not quite as bezel-less as current competitors on the market, with a thick chin and notch-like top, both presumed to house the speakers.

Of course, Motorola isn’t the first company to be toying with foldable screens, as Royole managed to take that crown at CES 2019. Samsung is also set to follow with its own Galaxy branded efforts in the near future, however the Razr concept is still unique in that it does away with the idea of tablet functionality and instead attempts to make smartphones more compact. In the age of the ever-increasing display size, this is perhaps a better way to go.

The Wall Street Journal believes that Motorola could unveil its foldable Razr smartphone as early as February, with a limited number of units priced as high as $1,500 each. Given that Google has announced it will be adding support for foldable smartphones within Android, this is likely Motorola’s operating system of choice, although this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

KitGuru Says: I have fond memories of my Moto Razr V3, especially given that the smartphones were incredibly durable. I can’t imagine the new version will be quite so tough when it comes to market, but that remains to be seen. Do you like the idea of a Motorola Razr sporting a foldable display?

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