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Modified smartphone showcases electromagnetic fields

Interaction designers Luke Sturgeon and Shamik Ray have modified an Android smartphone, turning it into an electromagnetic field indicator. Fields around everyday electronics have been captured using long exposure photography and stop motion animation. The pictures really are incredible.

The team uploaded a video to Vimeo, explaining their methodology and results. The camera is set to take a long exposure and the handset (almost entirely covered) is slid over the device. The visible slit on the phone shows a series of coloured dots which relate to the EMF field.

“Through a series of experiments in photographic and lighting techniques followed by hacking up an Android phone to act as an EMF indicator and then coding our own app in Processing we were able to visualize how these fields change over objects.” Sturgeon says.


The guys have used dedicated software and a circle on the phone screen expands in relation to EMF intensity. They used the Processing open source programming language designed for creative and visual projects.

You can see more on this over here. You can watch the video over here.

Kitguru says: A very interesting concept from Ray and Sturgeon.

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