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Luxa2 launches brand new online store

While the initial sheen might have come off the smartphone market (Apple in particular) as it moves to becoming a commodity, it is still a growth industry. But enjoying far greater growth is the accessory industry that has grown around it. KitGuru snags a sighting of a new site – dedicated to all things shiny and smart.

During an fairly standard interview with a European Marketing Manager in 2007, we heard something interesting. Something that was so obviously true, that it has stayed with us.

Asked about the amount of money that a consumer will spend on any given product, our anonymous guru said, “Budget?  The budget that a customer is prepared to spend on a product that will be seen by others, is often a representation of how much they want to express themselves, their individuality. To say ‘Look at me, I am different'”.

When it comes to mobile phones, that is such a truism. While we might have an overall idea of the functionality a new cover/case/headset will bring – the actual decision will be governed more by style than substance in most cases.

The greater the range of options offered, the greater the granularity for each person to say something about themselves.

Luxa2 is the luxury goods arm of Thermaltake and it has been cooking on gas with new design ideas for quite some time.

The problem is that the full range of ‘everything Luxa2 can offer’ has not readily available in the market.

Until now.

In the USA, it seems that Luxa2 is pioneering a more direct approach to customer acquisition and conversion with the launch of a brand new store over here.

For now, it seems to be USA only - but we expect more of these to follow
For now, it seems to be USA only – but we expect more of these to follow

Speaking with KitGuru, Luxa2 Director Jerry Lee said, “Founded in 2009, LUXA2 has committed its mission to provide the best mobile accessories to users, by designing elegant products that offer sleek looks, convenient functionality and attractive pricing”.

“Now, with the launch of LUXA2’s online store”, he explained. “More people will be able to purchase LUXA2’s wide range of mobile accessories and will be able to enjoy special web-only discounts through our eCommerce site”.

Asked which products he thought would be particularly popular around launch, Jerry told us, “Well the H5 Premium Car Mount for Smart Phones is pretty cool. It is an all-aluminum universal mount for any smart device with a display size of 3.2” ~ 4.8”.  It has been designed to hold most mobile phones at a variety of viewing angles – giving you easy access without sacrificing safety”.

Staying with the theme of mobility, Jerry also explained another product, “Our P1 is a high capacity 7000mAh charger. It can give you 7 more hours on your iPad or allow you to boost your iPhone 3.5 times from empty to full!”

KitGuru says: Interesting idea and, without the middle man, could be very price competitive.

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